Backups of stuff

  • Subversion (svn) repo. dstn maintains a mirror (at using the code in trunk/scripts/svnsync (here). It is updated and md5sum-checked hourly, via a cron job on

    # Sync hourly
    @hourly   /u/dstn/svn-backup-astrometry/
    # Check hourly, at 5 minutes past (to let the sync finish)
    5 * * * *   /u/dstn/svn-backup-astrometry/ && /u/dstn/svn-backup-astrometry/

    That directory also contains dumps of series of 1000 revs, named like svn-backup-10k-to-11k.dump.bz2

  • Trac. Backed up in svn:secure/trac. The database gets dumped and committed daily at 4am by a cron job by Attachments do not get automatically added.

  • Forum. Nothing?

  • Live. dstn has backups in dstn@broiler:/data1/live. These are monthly tarballs, created manually as part of the perpetual data-juggling on oven.

    Hogg has an independent backup of this…. RIGHT?

  • Nova. dstn has a snapshot (2012-06-05) of the nova/net/data directory at dstn@broiler:/data2/dstn/BACKUP-nova/nova-data:

    cd /data2/dstn/BACKUP-nova
    rsync --progress -Rarvz nova:nova/net/./data/ nova-data
    rsync --progress -Rarvz nova:nova/net/jobs/./ nova-jobs

    (There is a snapshot dump of the nova database there too.)

    There is a snapshot (snapshot-2013-10-14.tgz) on bbq, as well as daily backups, in bbq:/export/bbq1/nova/nova-data:

    # Backup nova@broiler data
    0 4 * * * rsync -ar /data2/nova/nova-data nova-data-rsync:nova-data-backup/
    0 4 * * * pg_dump an-nova | ssh nova-data-rsync 'cat > nova-data-backup/nova-database/an-nova.sql && cd nova-data-backup/nova-database && git commit -a -m "database snapshot: $(date)"'