Use the code

There are three options for using the software: Images can be calibrated through a user-friendly web service, on the flickr photo-sharing site, or by a downloadable software package for the computer-savvy.

web: The beta version of our web service is operating at, where you can submit images for astrometric calibration. Note that this beta system is somewhat unstable; you should not use this with any expectation that your data will be preserved long-term. If you have questions about using the web service, ask questions on the Google Group.

flickr: If you are a member of flickr (free) you can upload images to flickr and submit them to the astrometry group to have them solved. We check for new images roughly once an hour, and images that have been run through the solver will receive a comment with the solve details and are also annotated. This photo of M81 and M82 is an example of a solved photo with annotations. For more information on flickr and how to use it see the flickr FAQ.

download: If you want to try downloading and building our software on your local Linux, unix, or Mac box, (also reported to work under Cygwin in Windows) then

  1. download the source:
  2. read the README file.
  3. grab some index files
  4. (or these ones, if you are dealing with wide-field images: index files)
  5. if you have any trouble, post on the Group, or check the docs, or the archived (no longer active) forum.