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Astronomical data


  • CFITSIO FITS reading and writing libraries for C, C++, Perl, Tcl, Python, MatLab, etc
  • HEALPix software for putting a sensible pixel grid on the sphere
  • Emmanuel Bertin's SExtractor software for source detection and metrology in astronomical images
  • Bertin's SCAMP software for aligning the astrometry and photometry of overlapping images
  • Doug Mink's imwcs software for automated WCS refinement
  • John Thorstensen's automatch software for automated WCS refinement
  • Emanuele Laface's AstroPhoto software for stacking images and DSLRCamera project for communicating with a camera and controlling a mount.
  • And last and also least, our own vaporware, the Tractor, for source detection and measurement.

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